Please be generous.We’re taking aid directly to people who need it πŸ™‚

Who is Aid4All

Our Charity is ran by Doctors and people who have carried basic costs
through their own salaries and time. All Accounts are verified by OSCR.
OSCR work as Regulator is aimed at reinforcing public trust and confidence in charities. In reporting to them and meeting legal requirements, our charity demonstrates to the public that assets are properly accounted for and that it’s being run properly.Aid4All Registered Charity SC043180

Donation Policy

We have a 99% donation Policy. Every penny donated will be given to those in need.
Net costs have been assumed by our volunteers.

Why should you donate?

Please get in touch with us and help make a difference. This has enabled
Nearly all the money that is collected to go to Aid projects.

Payment and Bank Details

Bank Account Details
Organisation’s name: Aid4All
Account No : 10226765 Sort code: 80-22-60
IBAN no: GB60BOFS80226010226765

Special Thanks

For all those that have helped in our local community in Stirlingshire. To all the Donors in Scotland,
UK Home and Abroad. From the Middle East to the Americas. Thank you for making a difference and saving peoples lives

Payment System

Secured Payment via Paypal Please register first before payments

Register Please then Donate

Register Please then Donate